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My mantra is “we all can achieve more than we imagine is possible – but often the only person stopping you… is you”

“We can all achieve more than we imagine possible

but often the only person stopping you… is you”.

Explore the unknown 

Exploring the unknown in work and life can be scary.  It takes us out of our comfort zone.

Sue’s unique ability is to inspire you, to transform fear and uncertainty, into anticipation and excitement.  

Whether it’s to become a better leader, or discover your bigger purpose others, you will have someone by your side who believes in your ability to change and transform.

In other words, you become an explorer too.

In 1996 Sue Stockdale became the first British woman to reach the Magnetic North Pole – something she never imagined was possible. Afterwards Sue realised there had been a bigger reason for her success, and it became her life’s purpose to inspire others to step out their comfort zone and explore their potential.

Watch Sue’s TED talk to find out more.

EXPLORE: A Life of Adventure is a compelling memoir that explains why stepping out your comfort zone is key to living a fulfilling life.

Sue Stockdale recounts the story of her adventures from challenging beginnings to exploring some of the world’s most extreme environments including the North Pole, Antarctica and Greenland.

“A captivating and inspiring memoir” 
Dev Pragad, CEO, Newsweek



Do you want to develop as a leader? Working with an executive coach will give you time to reflect, gain clarity and explore the issues that may be holding you back from being at your best.


Looking for a motivational speaker for your conference or meeting? That’s where Sue can help.


Author of several books including EXPLORE: A Life of Adventure, Risk and Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs, Sue has written articles for The Guardian, Inc. Huffington Post, The Scotsman, Coaching Perspectives magazine, and many more publications.


Do you want to communicate your message and connect a wider audience? Podcasts are a great way to build a stronger level of engagement and trust, and we can host and produce a series for your business.


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