7 ways to reduce waste in your business office

Does your business produce much waste? Being environmentally-friendly in your office is not just about saving the planet. It also helps the company run more efficiently. Therefore, it is important for every business out there to have a good reduction plan regarding different types of waste in the office building. From reducing reliance on plastic to reusing various items at the office, there are many ways to contribute to corporate social responsibility. You can also get help from a rubbish removal company. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to reduce waste in your business office.

  1. Recycle

This is a no-brainer. It is important to recycle at your office in every way possible. For instance, reuse and repurpose all those boxes lying under your table. Since cards and papers are usually the most visible waste products in the office, start with recycling them. You should also place dozens of recycling bins in the workrooms and send an e-mail to your colleagues and remind them how it is important to recycle. Of course, recycling other waste materials like batteries, toners, light bulbs, and glass is also recommended.

  1. Use Both Sides of the Paper

In order to reduce paper waste in your company, default to double-sided printinga as often as possible. You can also set the ink default to black and white or to whatever eco-friendly option the office printer has. Set all copiers, computers, and other devices to print double-sided and train your employees to use this method.

  1. Use Reusable Containers for your Lunch

Just think how many takeout boxes and bags end up in the office trash every day. Instead of throwing paperboard and paper constantly, bring your lunch in reusable containers. Share this idea with your colleagues and maybe they will start doing the same.

  1. Go Digital

In this day and age, we don’t need physical copies of various documents as much. Transfer all the policies, contracts, manuals, and other documents to digital format. It’s also an option to utilize new technologies and introduce digital meetings to your company.  Since technology offers cheaper alternatives to using paper, many big US companies have gone paperless in the last couple of years.

  1. Avoid Single-Use Drink Containers

Single-use drink containers are definitely not eco-friendly and you should get rid of them. The truth is that the half-full containers end up in the trash instead at the recycle bin at the office. Glasses or mugs with funny images can be an alternative. 

  1. Use Your Own Dishes

Get a set of office dishes and encourage other employees to bring their own dishes to the office as well. Instead of cardboard coffee cups and those dreadful paper plates, invest in your own lunch dishes to reduce waste from fast food deliveries. Just make sure there is an agreed protocol for the washing up too.

  1. Organize a Recycling Awareness Day

If this new recycling system is not working perfectly in the beginning, organize a recycling awareness day at your office and educate other employees about reducing waste at the workspace. Inform others about recycling and waste protocols by using engaging presentations and graphics. Then, maintain monthly updates on these new protocols.

What Have We Learned?

It is important to remember that a successful waste reduction and recycling campaign requires constant communication with your employees. Creating a good company waste reduction plan is really not that difficult, especially if you are using some of the tips that we’ve mentioned here.

Melanie Saunders is our guest blogger this month. She is content manager at 1300 Rubbish– experts in the field of rubbish and junk removal. Personally, a huge fan of sustainability and green living.



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