Access to Inspiration podcast launches second Impact Report

The Access to Inspiration podcast’s second impact report showed that it had a significant positive impact on both its listeners and guests. The report revealed a 13% increase in the listener base, indicating a growing and engaged audience inspired by the content. Listeners appreciate the diverse range of guests on the podcast, noting the impactful conversations hosted by Sue Stockdale. Guests from various backgrounds share their stories, resonating with the audience and providing valuable insights and inspiration.

The impact report also showed that 40% of the podcast guests were first-time podcasters, with 80% of them inspired to do more podcasting after appearing on the show. This statistic demonstrates the podcast’s ability to showcase diverse voices and empower individuals to share their own stories through podcasting. Additionally, 9% of the guests expressed interest in becoming podcast hosts themselves, showing a ripple effect of inspiration generated by their participation in the Access to Inspiration podcast.

Overall, the podcast has created a platform fostering creativity, diversity, and inspiration for both listeners and guests. The positive impact is evident in the increasing listener base, guests’ enthusiasm for podcasting, and the sense of community and positive change cultivated through shared stories and experiences on the show.

Impact Report 2024

One key aspect highlighted in the podcast is the diverse range of guests featured. These guests come from various backgrounds, sharing inspiring stories and insights with the audience. Listeners resonate with the guests, finding wisdom and inspiration in each episode. The guests’ unique perspectives and experiences have a profound impact, encouraging listeners to reflect on their values and live authentically.

For example, listener Eveline van den Heuvel found inspiration in guests like Simeon Wood and Paolo Savaget. Simeon Wood’s music resonated with Eveline’s creativity, while Paolo Savaget’s interdisciplinary approach inspired her to embrace her polymath self. The podcast’s commitment to featuring diverse guests enriches the listening experience, serving as a catalyst for personal growth and self-reflection.

The podcast has successfully created a sense of community and a movement for positive change among its guests. Guests feel connected to like-minded individuals striving to make a difference. Pierre Heistein expressed how he connected with previous speakers, leading to valuable conversations and project opportunities. This sense of community fosters connections, collaboration, and networking among guests with diverse backgrounds.

The podcast brings together individuals from different countries, backgrounds, and fields, showcasing that anyone can inspire others. Kevin Chapman emphasized the inclusivity and celebration of diverse voices, creating a supportive environment where guests feel empowered to share their stories. The podcast’s impact is evident in inspiring guests to continue sharing their stories and ideas, becoming a catalyst for positive change and collective action.



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