Access to Inspiration podcast series is launched

Access to Inspiration podcast shares interviews with people from a diverse range of backgrounds from around the world. Their stories and insights enable you to transcend day to day challenges, think bigger, and see new possibilities which can ultimately improve business, society and people’s lives.

Sue Stockdale is proud to be a co-founder of this non-profit initiative launched in October 2019.

Listen to the first few episodes of series 1

Celia Garland, Glass Blower, Naturalist and Global Gallivanter

Sharron L. McPherson, co-founder of the Centre for Disruptive Technologies

Keith Crutcher, Neuroscientist talking about the brain and its ability to adapt

Harriet Minter, Journalist and Broadcaster on risk taking, career change and women’s leadership

Clive Steeper, Going fast in business and motorsport



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