Arctic and Antarctic Week on Viking.TV

Sue Stockdale and team-mates skiing across the Greenland Ice Cap

Its Arctic and Antarctic week on Viking TV, and journalist Anne Diamond will be interviewing me to discover more about my life as an explorer, speaker and coach.

We can all achieve more than we imagine is possible. I realised that after reaching the North Pole in 1996. Often the only person stopping you… is you. And when I coach leaders today in business, helping them to reflect on how their companies can adapt to the complexity and uncertainty of today’s business world, often the biggest insight they get is that they need to reframe how they are seeing the world, and the role they play within it as a leader.

Helping leaders to reassess the values, beliefs and assumptions they hold about the world, is vital to help them – and their companies adapt. And to do that they need to feel safe enough to explore the unknown – just as I had to do when setting foot in the Arctic on my first ever expedition.

I’m looking forward to talking to Anne about what drives me to explore, and to help others to do the same – by using their curiosity to explore both their inner and outer worlds.

Bookmark the link to this Livestream going on air Thursday 26th August 2pm ET, 7pm BST



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