Five habits you need to develop to be an inspirational leader

To be an inspirational leader – You need to have a clear VISION, generate PASSION by understanding what motivates individuals, and enable people to take ACTION by addressing the issues below.

1. Focus on task and people issues

Teams work effectively when they focus on both WHAT they achieve and HOW they achieve it including how effectively they work together.  Get your team to list the qualities of a highly effective team and then ask each individual to rate your current team’s performance against these qualities on a scale of 1 – 10.  Discuss together any variations, create an action plan and revisit regularly to monitor progress.

2. Help people adapt to changing environments

Individuals feel more able to adapt in changing circumstances when they have an element of control.  Create a working environment whereby individuals have the authority to make decisions and take action in their work areas without prior approval.

3. Coach to help others negotiate crevasse zones

Make sure you are an effective coach and not a back seat driver!  There are areas of high risk in your business and its risky to empower others to take action in those areas. Develop your skills and use effective questioning and listening to help others fulfil their potential and keep motivated, whilst outlining the boundaries of risk.  The next time a member of your team asks you for help, use your coaching skills to help them find the answer for themselves. See how satisfying it will be for both them and you!

4. Value strengths and address weaknesses

To thrive within a team, individuals need to understand more about their own, and others strengths, weaknesses and aspirations. Start by writing down what you perceive to be your own strengths and weaknesses. Ask some colleagues for their feedback too and then make sure you listen to their comments.  Enlist their help in supporting you to change.

5. Reward your people

Acknowledging individual contributions makes people feel valued. People are much more likely to trust those who genuinely encourage and appreciate them. Find out how each individual in your team likes to be recognised or appreciated and take time to reward them regularly.



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