Books by Sue Stockdale


Explore: A Life of Adventure

Sue's compelling memoir illustrates why stepping out of your comfort zone is key to living a fulfilling life.

Risk: All that Matters

A fascinating introduction to the subject of risk — and what matters most within it

Cope with Change at Work

A practical guide about change so that you do not have to feel helpless with few choices; but resourceful and able to cope and adapt.

The Ultimate Leadership Book

A dynamic collection of essential skills covering the topics that will help you make a seismic impact upon your performance as a leader.

Motivating People

A practical guide on how to motivate yourself and other people in seven easy steps.

The Personality Workbook

Learn about what makes you tick, to help you develop new ways of operating and make different choices to get what you want.

The Growth Story

Case studies of women entrepreneurs from the UK and North America who all used different strategies for business growth.

Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Inspiration on turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality.


RISK : All that Matters

“An insightful book in an easy-to-read style with pertinent examples and useful insights into the trends most likely to impact our futures”.


Cathy O’Dowd 

First woman to climb Mount Everest from both sides

EXPLORE : A Life of Adventure

“Sue’s down to earth story-telling shows us that when we live in accordance with our natural spirit, a door opens into the extraordinary.”

Tiffany Gaskell

Co-Founder, Performance Consultants International

Motivating People

“Insightful and well researched, this book is digestible, actionable and provides clear pathways to motivating, not only those around you, but yourself. Pivotal if you want to evolve and excel.”

Kelsey Ramsden

Named by Profit Magazine as Canada’s top female entrepreneur in 2012 and 2013