It’s hard to think of a more critical time in history when global leaders, need to be impactful. Huge challenges confront them: technological change, empowering others, greater global complexity, economic uncertainties, increased public scrutiny and much more. And to be effective, leaders need to take time to think.

Change always begins with an emotion. Maybe the change has been imposed on you, you are dissatisfied with the current situation at work, or have ambition for the future.

That emotion causes you to reflect and ask questions such as:

  • How can I influence others in the leadership team more effectively?
  • How do I make a positive impact in the first 100 days?
  • How do we address these external challenges that our company faces?
  • Our board is not working cohesively. How can we improve this?
  • I feel stuck in my career. Surely there’s more to life and work than this?
  • How do I build trust with a new team?
  • I’m feeling a sense of overwhelm. What should I do?
  • How do I step up and make a bigger impact globally?
  • How do I delegate and free up time to be more strategic?

My approach.


Listen without judgement for the deeper, underlying issues



Create a safe space for you to explore your leadership or coaching style


Ensure that any new insights and awareness are transformed into action

This in turn achieves sustainable, impactful change within your organisation.   


What type of clients do I work with?

Clients are typically CEO’s, Senior Executives and leaders in some of the world’s top companies, global multinationals, leading academic institutions, not for profit organisations, and ambitious fast-growth enterprises. They are in North America, UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Australasia.

These leaders come from a wide range of industries including Technology, Logistics, Communications, Retail, Media, Automotive, Science, Banking, Financial Services, Professional Services, Shipping, Law, Transport, Construction, Engineering, Utilities, Manufacturing, Property, Recruitment, Sport, Hospitality, Healthcare, Public Sector, Higher Education, Energy, Pharmaceutical, and Sport.

What’s it like to be coached by Sue?

My approach is based on positive psychology and leveraging strengths. With a style that is described by clients as intuitive, empathetic, engaging, results-focused, positive, challenging, enjoyable and fun. I build rapport quickly with clients and help them to gain focus and clarity about what’s really holding them back.  Whether it’s beliefs, behaviours or mindset, I enable clients to feel comfortable to explore these issues and create a sustainable strategy for change.

Its powerful and impactful.

Coaching Testimonials

What happens in a coaching session?

I facilitate your thinking by role modelling an enquiry-led approach. You will see me being curious, asking questions, listening deeply to what’s being said, and not said, paying close attention to body language, noticing words used, picking up on the intonation in tone or the energy behind particular words, and reflecting on the underlying beliefs that may be driving your behaviour.   

Maintaining confidentiality and demonstrating integrity are implicit in how I work.  I also bring energy, enthusiasm and an innate belief in your potential and ability to solve your own issues. Sometimes, leaders want to hear about how others have tackled similar challenges, so occasionally I may share insights or learning to provide that broader perspective. 

This in turn helps you to find the courage, sometimes in the face of fear or anxiety, to explore new ways forward, and identify practical steps to take, ultimately building confidence, and a stronger belief in what’s possible.

With regards to evaluation, we agree measures of success at the outset, reviewing them regularly to ensure sustainable, impactful change or a smooth transition is achieved.