Cope with Change at Work

I am excited that my new book, Cope with Change at Work,co-authored with Clive Steeper, who is also an executive coach has now been published.  As part of the Teach Yourself series, it provides practical advice for all people at work going through change.

In these turbulent economic times, it seems that change is now the only constant.  Many people find it stressful when having to cope with changes ranging from losing their job, to coping with changing systems and procedures, multiple changes and many other situations where they are the ones on the receiving end, and not in charge of managing it.
Our book covers the following areas:

  • What happens during change?
  • Navigating change successfully
  • Change caused by others
  • External changes on organisation
  • Management-imposed change
  • Merging teams
  • New Systems and Procedures
  • Starting a new Job
  • Redundancy
  • Job Challenges
  • Too many changes all at once
  • Being ready: anticipating change
  • Applying change principles in life


Leading coach and management thinker Marshall Goldsmith commented

“after reading Stockdale and Steeper’s new book, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to cope with any change at work that comes your way.”

So buy your copy now and get ready to cope with change more effectively in future.

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