Dealing with stressors to regain equilibrium

We all have stressors that can become apparent when our natural Personality preference is not met.

For example, when people with a preference for Extraversion (they enjoy interaction with people and the outside world) have too much focus on data or spend too much time alone, they may become stressed, Or alternatively, for those who with an “Introversion” preference, if they spend too little time alone, or are asked to make snap judgments without thinking things through, they may equally display signs of stress.

Recently, after a busy week of travelling to see clients and back to back meetings, I found that I craved going for a walk with the dogs, and not having to speak to anyone.  If I had been asked to join clients for drinks after an event, or be the centre of attention in a meeting, I would have probably not been at my best. So I made time in my diary to go for a walk, and as it was also sunny weather, my spirits were revived and I felt more “at one” with the world.  Sometimes we don’t even realise it is happening to us, and before we know it, we are in our  behaving in a way that is unhelpful. If you want to be effective in the workplace, it is important to regain some type of equilibrium.

Quick Exercise

1. Read the preferences below and think about any unhelpful behaviours that you may tend to exhibit if you end up being too stressed.

2. Reflect on what you normally do to regain balance and what you could do in future.  Think about is any of these situations happen on a regular basis.

3. Decide now that when these situations arise in future, how you will take responsibility for managing your behaviour in a more effective manner.


Preference Possible Stressors Unhelpful behaviour displayed
What you do to regain balance
Extraversion Enjoys interaction with the outside world of people and things Adversarial attitude, Too much focus on data
Introversion Enjoys interaction with inner world and ideas Too little time alone, Being asked to “wing it”
People Gets energised by being sociable and enjoys being with others Demanding people, Too much focus on task & Disregard of feelings
Task Enjoys getting things done, organising, solving problems Disorganised environment, Too slow decision making



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