Effective leadership in the charity sector

Effective leadership is vital within an organisation if it wants to get the best from its people.  This statement is particularly relevant in the charity sector, where often the people involved are volunteer-based, or the funds that the charity has available for developing leaders and staff is limited.   I recently got involved as an Advisor with Caplor Horizons; a charity that works with other charities around the world to inspire and enable the leaders of those charities to be more effective in the long term.

It is a unique operating model, where Caplor have attracted highly experienced specialists in leadership, sustainability and advocacy who are willing to contribute their time and expertise to help in this way.   As an Advisor, not only do I get the satisfaction from helping to develop leadership in other charities, I have the privilege of learning from, and working with, a diverse group of people who are each bringing their key strengths to the table.

Do the best at what you’re best at, for the good of others. Charles Handy – Social Philosopher

Sue Stockdale, along with Ian Williams, Executive Director and John White, Chair of the Board at Caplor Horizons
Sue Stockdale, along with Ian Williams, Executive Director and John White, Chair of the Board at Caplor Horizons

Caplor Horizons already has an impressive list of case studies that describe the work they have done to support many UK and international charities including International Centre for Humanitarian Affairs (ICHA), Trussell Trust and Federation of the Experiment in International Living (FEIL).

Recently many of the advisors attended a workshop where we learned more about the Caplor House model, originally devised by experiential learning design specialists Ann Alder and Dr Geoff Cox, and further developed to suit Caplor’s requirements.   This model of leadership thinking will support all the programmes in the areas of advocacy, strategy and leadership that Caplor provide to clients.

So if you are a charity that would like to some support in terms of strategy, advocacy and leadership, then get in touch with Caplor Horizons!



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