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Over the last few weeks I have published videos on a number of different topics from my book EXPLORE: A Life of Adventure.

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Curiosity, Questions, Self-Discipline, Connectedness, Being Adventurous, Networking, Fear, Opportunity and Self-Compassion.

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Polar explorer Sue Stockdale’s memoir EXPLORE: A Life of Adventure describes how from challenging beginnings, she embarked on a lifetime of adventure, exploring some of the world’s most extreme environments including the North Pole, Antarctica, and Greenland.  

Sue shares important life lessons gained from these adventures and describes how the mindset, discipline and commitment needed for adventurous activities is also useful in professional life. 

EXPLORE inspires and encourages all of us to explore our own potential, with the belief that nothing is too scary to embark upon when approached with determination, a plan and willingness to be uncomfortable.  


EXPLORE is a captivating and inspiring memoir that reaffirms the belief that we are empowered to shape the boundaries of our life experiences—as challenging as that may sometimes be.’  Dev Pragad, CEO, Newsweek

‘Sue’s down to earth story-telling shows us that when we live in accordance with our natural spirit, a door opens into the extraordinary.’  

Tiffany Gaskell, Co-Founder, Performance Consultants International

‘Filled with incredible lessons about achieving more than you ever thought possible. EXPLORE reminds us that the human spirit can carry us as far as we want to go. This book made me feel like I was right there with Sue on all of her adventures!’

Alison Levine, New York Times bestselling author, ON THE EDGE: Leadership Lessons from Mount Everest and Other Extreme Environments

‘A detailed and thoughtful memoir, of a life full of adventure.’

Emily Woodhouse, Editor, Intrepid Magazine



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