How to be successful: Learn about Yogesh Chabria’s keys to success

People often ask me, “How can I become successful?”.  At a time like this, I turn the question on them – what is their idea of success? It is important to perceive what the person’s beliefs are about success.

What does success mean to you? Do you think that you will be successful –

  • Only when I earn millions of dollars
  • Only when I am featured in Time magazine
  • Only when I have contributed to the society

Everyone has a different measure that helps them arrive at being successful. So does that mean that if you haven’t earned your first million, you are not successful? Is completion of a goal the only measure of success?

Here’s a news flash for you – success is not a completion of a goal. Success is a mindset! It is what you believe that will help you run that extra mile or work long hours on that pitch presentation. This will eventually help you achieve the desired result. If success is a mindset then it should be easily achievable, right? It is if you remove all the barriers to your success. Let’s look at some of the typical barriers and keys that will help us to build the right mindset:

Key#1: Overcome fear

I understand when people tell me that fear is real. On the other hand, people also tell me that fear is only in the mind. Then which of the two statements is true? I say both are. Remember that success is a mindset, so is fear. Most people are held back by fear. Once you overcome fear, you can think freely about everything.

An example of this is when I was starting out as an author and a speaker. It was in uncharted territory. I didn’t have any bestselling books or hugely successful seminars to show for myself. I was flat out broke, confused and uncertain of the what lay ahead of me. At that point, I decided to look beyond my obvious barriers and take the leap of faith.

Key#2: Discover your passion

Now I could take that leap of faith only because I knew how dedicated I was to my vision of helping people achieve their highest potential through my words, actions, and programmes. I could go through the rigour of being made fun of, having the door slammed in my face and even insulted. My commitment to my passion helped me overcome the circumstances. So what is it that you love doing – even if nobody paid you? Once you discover your passion, you will be committed on a path and success will follow.

Key#3: Take action without thinking of the results

This is easier said than done. I agree but this was the key that freed me. I learned this from the great 5000-year-old revered Indian scripture called the Gita. The Gita’s formula is: choose the right goal, use the right means, and leave the results to the universe. Take action without thinking about whether you will fail or succeed. Do what you do in the best possible without being weighed down by expectations.

Key#4: Model successful people

Whenever I want to do something, I simply see who is a leader in the field and I model them. Every field has someone who has achieved incredible results in it. It is very simple – you learn from those who have already done it. In case I can, I will reach out to the experts and ask them about their strategies. I will readily pay experts to gain their advice and support. If that is not possible, then I read about them, watch their movies, videos and speak to people who knew them or have spent time with them.

Key#5: Build a team

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this. Success is a product of effective teamwork. This is true for any area whether sports, corporate companies or even in relationships. You can’t succeed alone hence build and grow a team.Reward and motivate your team, and let them succeed with you. Success is sweeter when shared and celebrated together.

Key#6: Be happy

Material success means nothing without personal well being, friends, family and happiness. I know so many billionaire clients of mine, who have everything – but still, aren’t happy. So enjoy the process. Be happy, have fun and focus on creating a fulfilling life. Happiness is the true success. That’s the beauty of being a happionaire!

Remember that success is not an overnight phenomenon. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts. Success is an ongoing process. It is important to have a successful mindset in order to become it. That’s my philosophy – that’s our Happionaire philosophy.

Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way. To find out more visit



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