No connection – how wonderful!

Last year I visited Ajaccio in Corsica and was surprised how difficult it was to be able to access the internet.  As I wandered along the streets and sat in a cafe watching the world go by, I noted just how different it was from many other main streets in Europe – and the difference was that people were having conversations with one another rather than tapping on their smart phones.


Then recently I listened to the BBC radio 4 programme Welcome to the Quiet Zone where the presenter explores what it is like to be in the National Radio Quiet Zone in the USA.  A place where there are no mobile phones and no radio signals.

These two situations made me think about how difficult is it to find a place where there is no connection, unless you are in a rural area. It does seem that society and our colleagues would seem to prefer us to be “always on”.   So what could the benefits be if we chose to be disconnected for a while?  These are my thoughts…..

We could:

  • Redevelop the art of conversation
  • Notice that time moved slower
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Learn that no news – is good news?
  • Become “present” in the moment
  • Slow down and take time for thinking
  • Regain our peripheral vision because we notice the world around us

What other benefits do you think there could be?



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