Polar Explorer Appointed Ambassador for Panache Cruises

Panache Cruises has announced the appointment of polar explorer Sue Stockdale as a new Ambassador for its business, signalling the growing importance of expedition cruises for the luxury and ultra-luxury cruise retailer.

Sue Stockdale became the first woman from the UK to ski to the Magnetic North Pole in 1996 and has since been on expeditions to the Geographic North Pole and Antarctica.  She has also skied across the Greenland ice sheet and was recognised in 2005 as a ‘Pioneer to the Nation’ by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In her role as Ambassador, Sue will help the Panache Cruises team develop its programme of expedition cruises. In addition, Sue will attend various Panache Cruises events led by the company’s founder James Cole.

Commenting on the announcement, James Cole, Founder and Managing Director at Panache Cruises said: 

“The opportunity to make lasting memories on ‘once in a lifetime’ trips has become more important in the post-pandemic world. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly boosted people’s wanderlust and we’re seeing much more interest in expedition-style cruise itineraries across all global regions.

“With her vast knowledge of the polar region, we’re delighted that Sue is joining us as an Ambassador for our expedition cruise programme. Her influence will extend far beyond the polar regions and our collective goal is to inspire people and to nurture a desire for adventure generally. 

“The team at Panache Cruises has worked really hard to create some fantastic expedition packages, meaning you can not only follow in Sue’s footsteps but the seldom trodden paths of other great explorers like Scott, Amundsen, Hillary, Cousteau and Shackleton.

“Most people think that expedition cruising means visiting ‘cold’ regions of the planet such as Antarctica, the High Arctic, Alaska and Patagonia.  However, warm weather expedition cruises are growing in popularity too and that charge is being led by both the Galapagos and also the Kimberley region of North Australia.  The latter is pure ‘Crocodile Dundee’ territory and full of adventure. Often described as Australia’s ‘last frontier’, a Kimberley expedition cruise guarantees an unforgettable journey.  

“We welcome Sue to the team and we look forward to learning more about her incredible adventures.” 

Commenting on the appointment, Sue added: “I have been closely involved with the cruise industry for some time now and regularly speak about my adventures on cruise ships visiting the Arctic and Antarctic circles. My objective in recounting my experiences is always to inspire others to do something extraordinary, whatever that might be.

“Visiting some of the world’s most unique and remote destinations can be a humbling experience but also extremely powerful. Through my own expeditions, I realised that we are all capable of so much, yet we often don’t maximise the potential we have.  

“I look forward to working closely with the Panache Cruises team and meeting some new budding explorers along the way. If I can encourage people to release their ‘inner explorer’ as part of this new journey, I will be truly delighted.”

Sue Stockdale’s appointment brings the total of Panache Cruises ambassadors to seven.  Full details can be found at 



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