Series 7 of Access to Inspiration podcast launches

Sue Stockdale previews Series 7 of the Access to Inspiration podcast which is focusing on the theme of curiosity. She highlights some of the guests that will be coming up in the series including:

Dr Nashater Deu Solheim is a psychologist and CEO of Progressing Minds from Norway. She is an HBR contributor, executive coach on leadership influence, and will be talking about her experience of working with psychopaths.

Jenna Howieson from Scotland, whose question to the CEO at a round table meeting, led to her ultimately creating and implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy for a global company

Ronald Paredes, a graphic designer and artist from Venezuela who started conducting studies and research on the subject of creativity and its connections with psychology, neuroscience, and creative processes as a way to rediscover our natural creative capacities.


To find out more about the podcast and listen to the preview episode click here



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