Ski 4 Cancer Across Greenland In The Montane Polar Iceman

Are you looking for the ultimate charity ski challenge this winter? Ski across North-East Greenland in the inaugural Montane Polar Iceman in aid of Ski 4 Cancer!


Tangent Expeditions and the outdoor clothing company Montane have appointed the UK charity Ski 4 Cancer as their official charity for the inaugural Montane Polar Iceman ski adventure race across North-East Greenland. Ski 4 Cancer fundraisers will receive a discounted entry fee plus £400 in extreme weather clothing from Montane, the lightweight and breathable clothing specialist.

The Montane Polar Iceman is one of the few adventure challenge races in the world to be held inside the Arctic Circle. A ski mountaineering endurance event requiring no previous race experience, teams of three or four people will be challenged to travel big distances in sub-zero temperatures pulling all their own equipment in sleds.

Competitors can choose from three courses: The ‘150km Ultra’, the ‘100km Extreme’ or the ‘100km Adventure’ all of which pass through remote alpine checkpoints bordering the world’s largest frozen fjord in the world’s largest National Park. All courses finish in the town of Ittoqortoormiit which is Greenland’s most remote village.

Ittoqqortoormiit (which means place of big houses) is one of the most remote and least populated areas in the whole of Greenland. The village is on the tip of an incredible alpine range and is home to over 700 huskies. After the race opportunities for dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing will be available in this amazing area.

Paul Walker whose company Tangent Expeditions has over 20 years of experience in the area explained “This new concept in Nordic skiing will appeal to people who are looking for a fun and exciting adventure in one of the most beautiful regions of the high arctic. You need to have some previous cross country or ski touring experience but don’t need to be an experienced ski racer to take part; we can teach you supplementary skills prior to the event. What’s more, an experienced snowmobile team will be on standby at Constable Point airport to provide support should you need it all the way to the finish line.”

Montane_Iceman_GreenlandTeams will meet in Iceland on Monday 14th April, returning to Iceland on Friday the 25th. Registration for the race is now open with five teams already registered. Tangent Expeditions can provide a full training package to equip novice teams with the skills they need to complete the challenge.

Ski 4 Cancer was set up by a group of keen skiers and snowboarders who have all lost a close relative or friend to cancer. By providing a range of Alpine respite holidays for families living with cancer, Ski 4 Cancer gives families something to look forward to at the end of treatment schedules or after a loved one has died. Ski 4 Cancer also makes grants to palliative care centres and supports research into the positive effects of exercise and how it can both help prevent cancer and assist in recovery post diagnosis. To find out more contact Paul Walker at Tangent Expeditions or Andrew Hayward at Ski 4 Cancer

Sue Stockdale is a Patron of the Ski 4 Cancer charity.



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