Thriving in the extreme world of digital marketing

Nowadays, it is rare to find a brand or company with no online presence. With the world of commerce moving towards a digital marketplace, companies now have more ways to create awareness and expand their reach. In fact, any modern brand that wants to get ahead of its competition has a greater chance of doing so through digital marketing. In this regard, let’s review the digital marketing trends you can invest in throughout 2018.

Video Marketing: A lot of people claim that videos are very influential in determining whether they buy a product or not. This is especially true in online shopping, when customers want to see product videos to get a clear picture of the item at hand. The Next Web shared 7 strategies for getting video marketing right in 2018, placing emphasis on content that reflects real life. Of course, it’s also vital to add value to the content, as it empowers viewers and builds a connection with them.

Content Marketing: Video marketing is a form of content marketing, though the latter can stand on its own as well. The need to get customers onto your site is one of the biggest battles for ecommerce businesses. Ayima published an article entitled ‘The State of Content Marketing in 2017’ which is a great insight into what is effective to drive sales to your business. The bottom line is that providing useful and informative content for people with particular questions further builds trust. The strength of content marketing lies in its timelessness, since it doesn’t involve product launches or announcements.

Use of Artificial Intelligence: AI has already revolutionised a number of industries, and marketing is quickly becoming one of them. In a business climate that changes often, AI helps provide brand consistency. Ad Week further discusses why AI is the new battleground for brand marketers, expounding on AI-powered marketing tools that can improve ad targeting and other experiential disciplines.

As you finalise your marketing strategies for this year, remember to include building a positive presence for your brand. A previous post relayed the inspiring words of businesswoman Laurel Herman, as she advised about being “noticed, noted, listened to, taken seriously, respected and remembered.” Browse through other topics in our Business Concepts section for more tips on navigating the business landscape as a female leader.



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