Time saving tools for busy people

We are all so busy these days that having business tools that save us time can be really useful.  You don’t want to duplicate effort and do a job twice if you can avoid it.   Here are some of my favourites:

Camscanner App

Its amazing how often we want to scan something – a receipt, a handwritten page of coaching notes, or the recipe you are in the magazine whilst waiting in the dentists surgery. I find the Camscanner app really useful and it saves me loads of time later, particularly when you can upload to the cloud and then access the information later via any device.

Online accounting

If you run a small business then cash flow can sometimes be an issue, and keeping track of your debtors is vital.  Having a quick and easy way to do this just saves you time, so an accounting tool like Quickbooks is really handy to be able to access on the move.

Awareness of your social media effectiveness

Social media can take up a lot of time, and what benefit are you getting from it?  I use a tool called Klout which helps me analyse which channel is most effective in terms of my impact, and helps keep me focused on it rather than spreading my browsing and communications more widely.

Getting around in the city

When I go up to London for meetings, it can be frustrating if you waste time getting from one location to another. I use Citymapper app to help me plan my travel and identify what is the quickest route, which may even incorporate walking to get some additional exercise!  Their app covers many cities worldwide, so take a look at see if it will help you where you are.




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