I’m known as a writer whose clarity and practicality shines through in my numerous articles and books. I’ve written for The Guardian, Inc. Huffington Post, The Scotsman, Coaching Perspectives magazine, Industrial and Commercial Training and many more publications.

Book titles include.

  • EXPLORE: A Life of Adventure
  • Risk
  • Motivating People
  • Cope with Change at Work
  • Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs
  • The Ultimate Leadership Book
  • The Growth Story

And a special report on Enabling Leadership: Developing a leader coach mindset


Motivating People
‘Insightful and well researched, this book is digestible, actionable and provides clear pathways to motivating, not only those around you, but yourself. Pivotal if you want to evolve and excel’

Cope with change at work
"After reading Stockdale and Steeper’s new book, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to cope with any change at work that comes your way."

“An insightful book in an easy-to-read style, which combines wide-ranging research and a comprehensive overview of the many aspects of risks. It has pertinent examples and useful insights into the trends most likely to impact our futures”.

"This is an insightful and comprehensive guide that explores and explains the many concepts that influence our choices and decision-making. The book illustrates many interesting parallels that we can resonate with normal life. Once started, very difficult to put down and the "100 ideas" at the end provides a really enjoyable sting in the tail."

The Growth Story
"Sue Stockdale once and for all decisively answer the age-old question 'Can entrepreneurship be taught?’ With the role models, good and bad experiences, practical hints, structured and professional advice, and inspiring messages all found in this book – “yes it can!"